BROD is the unique European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO)-related hub covering Bulgaria and Romania.
The portal gives access to a continuous feed of fact-check articles aimed at debunking information in Bulgarian and Romanian and to dozens of archives. 
Part of the initiative is the fact-checking leader Agence France-Presse (AFP) with its operations in both countries: Proveri for Bulgaria; and Verificat for Romania. Bulgarian National Television (BNT) is also part of the observatory with its new team of fact-checkers. On the Romanian side the hub’s fact-checking activity is also carried on by Factual, a platform launched by FUNKY CITIZENS.


AFP’s fact-checkers seek to investigate dubious claims circulating online which are viral, impactful and potentially harmful to the public. The claims we verify surface in a variety of ways, including on social media platforms, blogs and websites, messaging apps and other forums in the public sphere. (...) We pay particular attention to misinformation that could endanger people's health or lives, damage democratic processes, or promote hate speech and racism. [+]


Factual uses techniques from journalism and academic research to source-check the content of statements and decisions made in the public sphere, leaving aside motivations, opinions, or desires.  [+]


Below is an interactive map, updated on a monthly basis, showcasing the best fact-checking content produced by the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) and the Hubs, including BROD.

DBKF teaser_EN.png

The DBKF platform allows users to easily double-check whether a claim, image or video has already been verified by trusted sources, including by whom, when and how, using AI-powered technologies that go way beyond a keyword search. This could be particularly useful for fact-checkers and journalists as part of their verification workflow but also for the critically-thinking people, who are keen to look into the truthfulness of a piece of text or a visual.  [+]

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