Media Literacy



Within the domain of media and information literacy (MIL), BROD will start gradually adding the resources it will develop for educating teachers, librarians and journalists and delivered in Bulgarian and Romanian languages. Our first resources will be available after September 2023. Where suitable and possible, we will also offer translations of useful materials from other observatories collaborating with EDMO

In addition, we are working on a discovery tool which will allow educators to search for suitable resources in different languages and catering to different educational levels. If you are interested to be informed about the launch of this tool, please add your name and email on this form. [+]


120 teachers and 12.000 students from all over Romania will study how to check the information that reaches them and to make informed decisions, for their benefit and their communities, in the project “I Teach Media Literacy! – Media Education and Culture Lab”. [+]

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