75 teachers from Romania, on their way to become Media Literacy teachers


25 May 2023

75 teachers from 74 schools in Romania learn how to teach media literacy concepts to their students, within the Media Education Program, the largest program of this kind from Romania, carried out by the Center for Independent Journalism. Teachers benefit from free training in order to acquire media literacy skills and learn methods that would help the students become responsible citizens, resilient in the face of disinformation.

One of the teachers enrolled in the course describes the learning experience as follows: “Each week that passes, with a new media education lesson learned, changes my perspective on how to infuse content with the help of media elements. Not only do I find this increasingly easy to do, but also natural, interesting.”

The teachers will go through both theoretical and practical sessions, where they exercise how to teach notions of media literacy and how to integrate these notions into the school curriculum for Romanian language and literature.

During the course, teachers discuss topics such as: the importance of media literacy, the role of journalism and what well-constructed news looks like, the language of persuasion, the deconstruction of media messages, misinformation and disinformation, cognitive biases and information verification techniques.

Since 2017, CJI has trained 454 teachers who have worked in the classroom with more than 60,000 students. In addition, the information provided in the multiplication activities reached over 4,500 teachers and 100,000 students from all study cycles.

The training of the three groups of teachers participating in the course organized between April 28 and May 27 is co-financed by the European Union, within the BROD program.