BROD presented at EDMO meeting in Dubrovnik

Published Friday 29 September 2023 at 17:05


Bulgarian-Romanian Observatory of Digital Media BROD presented its achievements at the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) meeting of the fourteen EDMO Hubs in Dubrovnik on 28-29 September 2023.

Hosted by the Adria Digital Media Observatory (ADMO) at the University of Dubrovnik, this two-day hybrid meeting brought together the multidisciplinary EDMO network of fact-checkers, media literacy experts, and academic researchers active across all 27 EU member states to tackle online disinformation.

The presentation of BROD was focused on the current achievements of the hub, as well as the next steps for future work.

Paolo Cesarini, EDMO Programme Director, European University Institute, STG and EDMO and Mato Brautović, Coordinator, Adria Digital Media Observatory (ADMO), University of Dubrovnik opened the meeting. Paula Gori, EDMO Secretary General, European University Institute, STG and EDMO, spoke about the achievement of EDMO. Krisztina Stump, Head of Unit, Media Convergence and Social Media, European Commission DG CNECT gave updates from the commission.

Ahead of the 2024 European Parliament Elections lessons learned from national experiences of disinformation around elections were discussed.

Ferre Wouters from Belgium-Netherlands Digital Media and Disinformation Observatory (BENEDMO), Peter Kreko and Blanka Zöldi from Hungarian hub against disinformation (HDMO), Keith Peter Kiely and Ruslana Margova from Bulgarian-Romanian Observatory of Digital Media (BROD), and Stephan Mündges from German- Austrian Digital Media Observatory (GADMO) presented their hubs.

Claes de Vreese, EDMO Director for Research, University of Amsterdam, lead the discussion on how to react to generative AI and disinformation. Prof. Kalina Bontcheva from BROD and EDMO Ireland Hub, EDMO Advisory Council, University of Sheffield, and scientific director of described the essential worries of researchers.

Structural Indicators as a key to understanding the dimensions of disinformation online and to assess the effectiveness of the Code of Practice on Disinformation were also discussed.