Webinar of Read Twice goes beyond the headlines

Published Friday 12 January 2024 at 17:40


The phenomenon of spreading disinformation was discussed at practice-oriented webinar “Beyond the Headlines: Tools and Skills to Detect Disinfo in the News”, organized by Euro Advance Association as part of the pan-European Read Twice (R2) project. Experienced researcher from the GATE Institute and Coordinator of research in BROD, Dr. Keith Kiely presented two case studies, offering insights into the dynamics within Bulgarian society which enable the spread of disinformation narratives.

Read Twice has invited frontline experts and influencers working in the tech and media spheres. Between most prominent were the director of BROD partner NTCenter Andrey Stoycheff, Dr. Federica Russo, Professor at Utrecht University, and Tilman Wagner, Innovation Manager at Deutsche Welle.