Discussion about the monitoring and the evaluating of the Code of Practice on Disinfomation in Sofia


Genuine discussion on VLOP's implementation of the Code of Practice on Disinformation (CoP) in Bulgaria and Romania was part in the frame of the third GATE Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Forum (BDAIF2023).

Kalina Bontcheva from the GATE Institute, Bulgaria & University of Sheffield presented the report about Bulgaria, Todor Galev from the Center for the Study of Democracy gave some case studies about Bulgaria, and Madalina Botan from SNSPA, Romania, presented the report about Romania. Maria Koleva from Bulgarian National Television new fact checkers team presented their work. Paolo Cesarini, Programme Director for EDMO and EMIF, explained the nuances in monitoring and evaluation of CoP. Paula Gori descibed the need of analysis of the impact. The discussion was guided by Keith Kiely, the scientific coordinator from BROD.