Media literacy matters! Strong presence of BRODhub at the conference in Brussels

Published Wednesday 28 February 2024 at 06:57


The European Digital and Media Literacy Conference in Brussels puts the many faces of digital and media literacy in the European spotlight during the Belgian EU presidency.

The Bulgarian-Romanian Digital Observatory of Digital Media (BROD) has a strong presence at Media Literacy Week – Ana Mocanu and Bianca Rus participate at MLEG, Andrea Troncea, Nicoleta Corbu and Ruslana Margova – at Media Literacy Matters.

The conference is focused on showcasing and exchanging initiatives, tools, projects and practices that can be integrated into work or policy.

Nicoleta Corbu (Threatpie / National University of Political Studies and Public Administration / BROD - Romania) presented Evidence based policy making: suggesting media literacy interventions based on research about disinformation in Bulgaria and Romania.

Adriana Trocea (The Center for Independent Journalism - Romania) presented the paper Media literacy programme: building resilience one person at a time.

The future challenges for digital and media literacy practitioners and policy makers were discussed by the member of BROD Advisory Board Nicoleta Fotiade (IAME / Mediawise Society - Romania)

There were other Bulgarians: Marin Lessenski (Open Society Institute - Bulgaria) spoke about The Media Literacy Index, Kristina Hristova (Media Literacy Coalition - Bulgaria) about the Lifelong learning for Bulgarian seniors, and Iglika Ivanova (Media Literacy Coalition - Bulgaria) about the experience with Wikipedia: Empowering news literacy through Wikipedia: harnessing the power of open knowledge and community-driven fact-checking.